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From our many hands to yours, we want you to feel the love that made it again...

Two women, three chapters, one story… and a husbands worn out jeans.


‘LeeAnn & Deborah’ 

It all started in 1990.  LeeAnn & Deb founded a children’s clothing company called Cozy Toes. They had a great run for 17 years. But times change, so they did too.

LeeAnn (left) & Deborah (right).

LeeAnn (left) & Deborah (right).


‘Keeping it simple’

Looking at manufacturing in their rearview mirror, the duo decided to focus purely on design. Using their combined talents, honed by years of experience, Cozy Toes Design Studio was launched. 11 years on, LeeAnn & Deb find themselves in high demand, dividing their time between design projects for a number of clients…while continuing to create fresh fashion concepts for their own label.


‘It's amazing what you can do with an old pair of jeans’

LeeAnn had an old pair of her husband’s jeans…. and an idea. 

“There must be something to be made of these? I mean, why throw them out?”

(insert lightbulb emoji)

Thus was born:  salvage + rivet.  

The concept would be simple, take denim jeans that have outlived their purpose, and give them a new purpose.  Discarded denim…. now turned into individually handcrafted handbags, aprons and table runners.  Once loved----now loved again.

Given a grant from the City of Philadelphia to begin salvage + rivet, Deb and LeeAnn hit the road designing, sewing and dreaming.  Their idea was simple… to combine their past and their present to give new life to old denim and bring back the love.